Kitchen Surfing: Gourmet Chefs On Demand

model dinner party

Let’s face it, being a minx means living every moment to the fullest (thereby balancing a ridiculously busy work and social schedule while still having access to the best of the best at all times). You just weren’t built to settle or make sacrifices, from mediocre men to frozen dinners – these things just aren’t meant for you! But, sometimes you don’t have time to prepare that beautiful meal for you and your lover and sometimes you wake up feeling the urge to host a 5-course dinner party but don’t have the time (or skill set) to execute it. That’s where Kitchensurfing comes in.

Kitchensurfing puts talented local chefs in your kitchen, making it easy to eat better food at home and spend more time with the people who matter most. It’s similar to Uber in the way that it’s hassle-free and chefs are vetted by Kitchensurfing and reviewers. It’s as simple as this: you go to the website, pick your date, budget, and how many guests then like magic, gourmet menus fit for queens will appear – then all you have to do is select and pay.

Prices range from $40, $50, $100 – from cocktail parties, to family style gatherings, to 5-course meals. And, everything is included, you don’t have to worry about paying taxes, gratuity, or extra fees. The chefs show up, cook, serve, clean up, and leave. It’s simply divine and we’re obsessed.

Kitchensurfing is live in New York, Boston, Chicago, the Hamptons, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Washington, DC. Book your chef today.