Le Petit Dragon

If you haven’t been listening to the soulfully synthesized electro-alt-pop tunes of the Swedish godsend Little Dragon, consider yourself a bit below the curve.

Currently on tour with their second album Machine Dreams in circulation, Little Dragon is a collaboration of organic genius. Most notably, lead singer and goddess-incarnate Yukimi Nagano who is previously known for her sultry vocal additions to yesterday’s jazz ensemble Koop. And while jazz is a noted influence in Little Dragon’s assortment of effervescent tracks, it is merely a step in the evolution of a musical mishmash so distinctive, it can now only be categorized as “other.”


In their 2007 self-titled debut record Little Dragon, the group proved it was possible to unite the likes of digital experimentation with soul ballads and mass-pleasing dance pop into one album. You may have even heard the heartbreakingly raw “Twice” on the television show Grey’s Anatomy – a seemingly unfitting fusion for an avant-garde band known for their progressive sound, yet understandable when you hear the matchless sentiment the track exudes.

Machine Dreams, released this past August to a whirlwind of approval from respected music connoisseurs, who otherwise snicker at what could be considered dance music to many, upped the ante. This album takes you on a modernized, digital-retro-jam safari through 80’s electro-pop, East-Asian jungle beats and subdued melodic jazz with Nagano’s velvet sound and occasional shrills as your ethereal tour guide.