5 Outdoor Spots to Savor LA Weather

girl summer beach

There’s nothing like some sunny hang out spots to help savor the rest of summer, and luckily we have a few new spots that are outdoors and all just in time for what’s left of this perfect weather! (Let’s face it, LA summer will last all the way into October…)

Malibu Pier Restaurant & Bar

The Malibu Pier Restaurant and Bar opened this summer and is where we hosted our summer soiree! The restaurant and bar both have a clean nautical feel, with dark wood, white walls, and details like rope chandeliers. The food menu is full of sustainable sea food options from local fisherman and the produce comes from local farms as well. The bar itself has a long row of stool seating and looks out on the water.

Terraza at Casa del Mar

Terraza is the new restaurant that just took over at Casa del Mar hotel in Santa Monica. There are awesome beach views and they keep the windows open as much as possible, even turning on the heated floor when necessary to keep warm but still feel beachy. The food is California based with inspirations from Italy and Spain. Try the homemade pasta, the fish of the day, pizza, or a salad topped with flavorful pesto instead of dressing.

Cavatina at Sunset Marquis

The Restaurant Cavatina at the Sunset Marquis hotel is a twist on Mediterranean dining. They basically removed the formal dining thing they had going on and replaced it with a more casual atmosphere which goes along with the relaxing vibe of the Marquis. The food is specifically seasoned with natural ingredients and stays away from anything too complicated on that end. Options are things like jalapeño gator tots, lamb meatballs, fried olives, and homemade chips with chile green onion dip.

Sayulita at Mondrian

The Mondrian recently opened Sayulita, which is essentially an open air dining area set off from the pool. The area is marked by blue astroturf and has communal tables and ottomans for dining on speciality tacos and tequila based drink options like the Butterfly Kisses. On Tuesday’s they have live music playing for “Tunesday’s”, and of course the views include both those out the window and just over yonder in the pool.

Upstairs Bar at Ace Hotel

Take the elevator up to the bar on the roof of the Ace downtown and you’ll be met with gorgeous views and a Moroccan vibe on the design side. Upstairs (as it’s named) was actually designed after one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses and Hollywood’s ex hot spot Le Deux. There is plenty of seating and a fire pit for extra ambiance, and is great for hanging day or night. Besides a full drink menu the bar also serves up snacks like chips and jerky.