Common Artist Project: Art + Fashion

common artist project

Fashion and Art are two things every minx certainly can’t live without and we just love when the two fit so perfectly well together. Our latest obsession is Common Artist Project, an effortlessly cool, curated collection of wearable art. And what’s more – every single piece is made of that kind of super-soft fabric that just makes you feel sexy and comfortable all at the same time.

Founded by Richard Shore media visionary and Michael Moshi of Lauren Moshi, Common Artist Project works with the hottest artists of the moment to turn their art into fashion. For the first limited edition release, Common Artist Project collaborated with LA-based artists Mar, Thank You X and Luke Chueh.

Functioning first as an artist collective, Common Artist Project curates talent from various worlds of contemporary art, street art, illustration, modern design, photographer and other media. On an ongoing basis, Common Artist Project selects the most sought after artists of the moment to work with their design team directly, translating their specific imagery, aesthetic and identity into the garments. Each garment is custom designed, crafted, screened by hand, and released in limited edition series with each artist’s approval.

Watch the launch film, starring artists Mar, Luke Chueh, as well as hearthrobs Andie Miller and Troy Spino, shot and directed by Austin Winchell right at the vertically integrated Common Artist Project factory headquarters in Los Angeles!

Perhaps, one of the coolest part about this collaboration collection is that their all for the cause. Common Artist Project and each of its contributing artists, will donate a portion of the proceeds to the nation’s most effective arts education providers, Inner-City Arts, a charity organization which provides after-school arts driven education for inner city children at risk of extreme poverty.

Not only do they provide a larger platform for emerging artists, but they give back to the community…something we can ALL stand behind! For more info check out their site here. Also, follow them on Instagram which showcases their brand and all of their celebrity/influencer supporters and clientele (Aaron Paul, Arielle Vandenberg, Cara Charnow and more). Check out some of our favorites from Common Artist Project below: