Buzzworthy Band: FMLYBND

Don’t let the name fool you: Santa Barbara’s FMLYBND ain’t your average “family.” Sure, they live together, cook together, and create together, but this electro-rock six piece was made to party, hard.

From their dance-inducing beats and climactic songs, this buzzworthy act has exploded from its humble beginnings as Isla Vista’s hottest house party band to be revered as one of the top musical movers and shakers of our generation. They have managed to create that kind of feel good music loaded with musical intricacies, landing them such comparisons to legendary bands like Arcade Fire.

Composed of beautiful songstress Braelyn Montgomery who actually happens to be married to frontman Mac Montgomery, synth player Erik Mason, bassist Justin Huntsman, guitarist Al “GoldenBear” Valles, and drummer Ethan Davis, FMLYBND has a rare chemistry that other enviable bands yearn for. Each member has its place perfected, so much so that their performances are flawless that they can’t help but make crowds go wild, and it’s obvious they are having fun doing so.

Experience FMLYBND for yourself! Catch them live Saturday Feb 1, 2014 with Mansions on the Moon, Scavenger Hunt, PrOfiles, Hunter Hunted, and Saint Motel at The Satellite. Get tickets here.