5 Links We are Loving Right Now

1. Stars Tweet their Goodbyes to Paul Walker: Fans, friends and colleagues of our favorite blue-eyed actor go to Twitter to pay their respects.

2. Bound 3: James Franco & Seth Rogen Parody: One thing we love more than bashing on Kim Kardashian? A James Franco & Seth Rogen parody making fun of Kimye’s ridiculous music video.

3. The Bookworm is the Keeper! Why You Should Date a Girl Who Reads: “In today’s society of Twitter, Instagram and ‘The Real Housewives,’ it’s  a rarity to find a girl who chooses literature over reality television.”

4. Lady Gaga & Joseph Gordon-Levitt Melt Hearts with ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside.’: It may be cold outside, but it just got really hot.

5. Live Tweet of Couple’s Breakup on Brooklyn Rooftop: Comedian Kyle Ayers was sitting on a rooftop minding his own business, when a sitcom-worthy breakup started to ensue. He did what anyone would do, live-tweet it.