Tyler Shields & The Dirty Side of Glamour

Controversial celebrity photographer, Tyler Shields, launched his highly anticipated book The Dirty Side of Glamour with a star-studded show last week at Guy Hepner West Hollywood.

The debut of The Dirty Side of Glamour garnered a jam-packed house of collectors, influencers and many of Shields’s infamous subjects themselves including Alessandra Torresani, Lydia Hearst, Ana Mulvoy-Ten, Brett London, Morgan Eastwood, and Adrian Grenier.

The Dirty Side of Glamour is a compilation of 130 of the artist’s most prolific images which depict the dark side of ‘Young Hollywood’ and explores fame, excess, youth, celebrity, and the power of letting go. Celebrities featured in the collection include Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Josh Hutcherson, Demi Lovato, Emma Roberts and more. Check out some of our favorite pieces from the exhibit and photos from the event!