The 5 Best Hideouts to Make Out At in Los Angeles

LA nightlife is always changing. This fall get cozy at these sizzling hot hideouts, which are all conveniently dark! If you’re just getting out of a relationship or on the hunt for a significant other, these are the best places in town to not only snag a cutie, but to spend some time canoodling uninterrupted in the corner.

Dirty Laundry

This bar is from the same guys who did No Vacancy, who seem to really love a dramatic and sneaky entrance. In this case, you go down a staircase where you get entry by choosing the right name on the call box- not exactly a stumble upon. The cave-like spot used to be an actual speakeasy which hosted Mae West. As a plus, it is extra good for making out because your phone service might go in and out down there! Save posting your selfies for later.

1725 N Hudson, Los Angeles 90028


Teddy’s has been around forever and while it’s gone under some minor transformations, it remains as one of the darkest, full of nook and cranny places in town. Seriously- it’s the type of place where your best friend accidentally joins a neighboring table, which is practically in it’s own cave and doesn’t even notice she’s with the wrong group. Before you start making out with any new dudes in the dungeon type lighting though, first walk him out into the Roosevelt for a bathroom break to get a better look!

7000 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles 90028

No Vacancy

No Vacancy is one of those places that feels like a big event, even when it’s just a casual drink out. Once inside the building, prepare to be inspired as you enter a world of old Hollywood. Walk through to the outside and find the most adorable yard you never had, but with an added bar and tight rope walkers. Seriously. Anywhere that it is that easy to get lost in was just made for making out!

1727 N Hudson, Los Angeles


This Sunset hotspot recently opened and is unique in its ability to offer up conversation time with the hotties. The venue is huge like a club, but the vibe is all lounge with the lights dimmed, fires in the fireplace and fresh flowers on display. It’s made to impress and the crowd shows up accordingly. One particularly good make out spot is the hanging circle chair upstairs, except that it’s a clear chair, so plan carefully!

6507 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles 90028

Bar Marmont

Ah… Chateau Marmont, what a magical place. Saunter past the velveted curtains of Bar Marmont (at the base of the hotel) and find yourself in a world of sexy. The bar itself is bathed in a glowy red light, the tables illuminated by gleaming white lamps. Who knows, you might even feel like getting lucky (with Robert Pattinson?) in the bathroom, we’ve heard it’s the perfect setting! If you’re not adventurous enough for some major PDA, you can always go upstairs and get a room!

8221 W Sunset Blvd – Los Angeles, CA 90046