DBA Brings a Super Fresh Concept to LA Nightlife

If you mourned the loss of the West Hollywood hot spot Voyeur anywhere near as much as we did, you’ll be excited to hear that something awesome has sprouted from its ashes.

The newly created event space is brought to you by nightlife master and first art director Simon Hammerstein in conjunction with the club’s owners Michael Jay and Beau Laughlin. The spot offers a unique interactive concept that hosts artists and groups to inhabit it as curators over periods of time. What this creates is something that is part gallery, part concert venue and part dance club, all parts constantly evolving. Every season will bring out a new guest curator who is given free reign to create the theme, decoration, style- pretty much control everything that is going down in there. The guidelines will not be strict. They are going after the WOW factor here. Party goers and guests will have the opportunity to not only view the creations and art, but drink, dance and be a part of a temporary experience that will be impossible to replicate.

DBA (short for Doing Business As) opens to the public on November 14th but already has its first installation up outside, which features a 10×50 foot giant chalk board wall where visitors can write out their hopes and dreams to finish the sentence “Before I die…” To make room for newbies, the wall is wiped clean every sunday and will remain there until the spot’s official opening later this month.

This one will be a game changer.



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