New Music: Best Coast “Fade Away”

It’s hard to believe that the 90’s were long enough ago to serve as throwback inspiration, but in fact they were, and Southern California band Best Coast is still giving it to us. The band is back with their upcoming October release of ‘Fade away’, a seven track EP that’s like the older sister to their past two releases.

Duo Bethany Cosentino on vocals and instrumentalist partner Bobb Bruno released their first album ‘Crazy For You’ just three years ago, and followed up with ‘The Only Place’ in 2012. This time around they released the album on Cosentino’s own label Jewel City, and they brought on Wally Gagel to expand their production and mixing, sticking with an upbeat slightly vintage vibe but this time pushing the angles a bit, hitting slow jam, uber pop, and everything in between.

Inspirations for this album included Mazzy Star, My Bloody Valentine, Ambien and delightfully, Patsy Cline. The single “I Don’t Know How” could be at home in a 90’s teen flick prom scene, its indie rock sound lent a longing romantic vibe by it’s country influences and only the lightest of pop-grunge references. Overall it’s accessible and fun.

Which makes perfect sense when you find out that 26 year old Cosentino hasn’t just been busy with making music, but also with releasing a line at Urban Outfitters that’s influenced by…the 90’s and the flick that is perhaps the decade’s best sunny movie embodiment, Clueless. So if you’ve been looking for a soundtrack to match your fall plaid clothing purchases, this EP is it.

Fashion lines or not the duo aren’t stopping the music making anytime soon, they have plans to start recording another album in November which is slated for a spring release.