Buzzworthy Band: Frank + Derol Make Sweet Sweet Music

By this point-in-time, Miley Cyrus is a house-hold name and for those of you that went through a “scene” phase (raises hand), her inked-up older brother, Trace, is probably very familiar to you as well, but there is another musical Cyrus in the family, and we aren’t talking about Billy Ray – bless his achy-breaky heart. Little sis, Brandi Cyrus, is a ridiculously talented musician that is garnering tons of buzz with her latest project. While touring with Miley as her guitarist, Brandi met singer-songwriter Codi Caraco; the two started writing songs together and Frank + Derol was born.

Over the last two years, the folk-tinged pop duo have been gaining traction and attracting attention for their music. Frank + Derol is the perfect combination of sugar-coated vocals mixed, deep lyrics, and balance instrumentals including Codi’s dreamy keys and Brandi’s haunting guitar; these two seem to have found a way to give pop music a more meaningful layer and make it appealing to even the most discerning of minxes! And, it doesn’t hurt that these two babes are total it-girls.

Cyrus and Caraco have a four-song EP out, including “Barely Love You Too” – a haunting song about almost-love with perfect pop sensibilities and slightly biting lyrics, “Stop these games/You got me feeling like I’m so insane/You know I’d tell you but I feel restrained/Is it safe enough to say?/Remind me, qu’est-ce que c’est?”

With a full-length album slated to be released this year, we can’t wait for Frank + Derol to hit the road soon to catch them live. Check out their sound here, and just remember minxes, you heard it here first!