Minx Society’s Dinner Party at Aventine

Minx Society hosted a chic, intimate dinner at hot spot Aventine with a carefully curated  guest list composed of LA’s best. This evening served as an opportunity for our city’s top taste-makers and influencers to catch up and of course, indulge.

Attendees included blogger/socialite BJ Panda Bear, model/artist Beau Dunn, blogger Sara Dinkin of Fancy Hipster, fashion designer Caitlyn Chase of Caviar & Cashmere, blogger Joo Kim of Love Joo Kim, model Kooper Macleay, it-boy/recording artist Drew Mac, fashion mastermind Lance Jubel, a mob of minxes: Casey Winchell, Kate Ferguson, Nicki Frates, and more.

Guests enjoyed the finest selection of Aventine’s best Italian dishes and were gifted the latest thirst quenching obsession POPwater and hair products by Sexy Hair. Check out these photos by Peter Don capturing the night, and subscribe to our guest list! We hope to have you at the next one.

  • Jared Copperstein

    Gorgeous pics, super chic~!