LA X LA: James Deen, Actor/Porn Star

James Deen is nothing short of a porn phenomenon. His youthful charms and boy-next-door looks have managed to draw a huge following (teenage girls make up a large part of his fan demographic), making him the poster boy of porn (perhaps even the XXX equivalent of Justin Bieber.) He’s been featured on the glossy pages of GQ Magazine, Rolling Stone and on Nightline for starters, and he has now crossed the sacred boundary between mainstream and adult films, having recently wrapped filming on the Bret Easton Ellis film The Canyons (also starring Lindsay Lohan), a movie that focuses on youth, sex and glamour in Los Angeles. (The film’s tagline: “It’s Not The Hills.”)

Directed by Paul Schrader (the mastermind behind Taxi Driver and American Gigolo to name a few), the project paired James opposite Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan, and the young performer has catapulted into mainstream radar, now a favorite on Hollywood gossip sites such as TMZ. It’s pretty reasonable to note that James has earned himself a spot somewhere between Windex and Pepto Bismol in regards to becoming a household name. (Word on the street is that James has been mentioned for consideration of the on-screen role of Christian Grey in the hugely popular Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, but as of now no castings for the film have been confirmed).

Perhaps the most decorated male performer in the adult industry under thirty, James already has bragging rights to the title of Performer of the Year at the AVN, Xbiz and XRCO Awards, among others. As if that weren’t enough, he has starred in over 3,000 adult films to date – and he doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. In addition to performing he has also stepped up to direct several adult titles and his passion for his career clearly shows. As he simply puts it, “Seriously – I am the luckiest boy alive.”

You can follow James on Twitter and check out his official blog that he updates on a regular basis with all sorts of fun and naughty happenings, from lazy weekends at home to on-set adventures with his hot co-stars. We also got James to dish on some of his favorite LA hotspots that he likes to frequent, from sushi joints to steakhouses to everything in between.

Relationship Status: Undisclosed.

How long have you lived in LA? I have lived in LA my entire life.

What is your favorite memory of LA?  I used to be a gutter punk squatter kid in Pasadena and we would steal boxes of wine from the market, put them in trees and get drunk all day off hot tree wine. That was fun.

What is your favorite breakfast/brunch spot?  I usually do breakfast or brunch in my kitchen. All the brunch spots I have been to are either in San Francisco or New York, but in LA I would have to go with Denny’s – good bacon deals.

What is your favorite restaurant of all time?  I don’t think I have one. It is really hard for me to pick favorites of anything. Maybe Min’s Kitchen in La Canada. It is pretty amazing Thai food and has some sentiment from my dad and I going there when I was a kid.

How about for- Sushi: Brothers Sushi on Canoga and Ventura in the valley is pretty amazing. There is also a place in downtown but I can’t remember the name.

Italian: Il Grano on Santa Monica, a little west of the 405.

Mexican: Hugos Tacos!!!! And there is also a place in Highland Park on York and Avenue 64 that is called My Taco. They probably have the best Mexican food I have ever had.

Steak: I like Boa. It is one of the only places in LA where I have ordered steak rare and it actually came out cold. My favorite place for steak is in New York called Peter Lugars and after eating there, pretty much all steak fails in comparison.

Where do you like to let loose?   I like the Beauty Bar or places like that. Anywhere that if I decide I can pee on the floor they will just laugh and say, “It’s cool, we got a mop.”

Where do you like to free your mind?  Anywhere En Vogue is playing.

What are your favorite LA stores?  I am weird with stores. For instance, clothes. I don’t really go buy clothes more than once every other year or so and when I do, I usually just go into a store like Diesel or John Varvatos or Prada and say, “Give me one of everything.”

What is LA’s best hidden gem?  In Pasadena there is a place called the Still Room and it is pretty flawless.

  • Drew