LA X LA: Rainsford Qualley, Actress/Singer

She may be new in town, but she’s no stranger to Hollywood. Rainsford Qualley (affectionately known as Rainey) is the eldest daughter of renowned model-turned-actress Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley, a former Calvin Klein model. Rainey’s boyfriend Richard is also an actor (the two met on the set of the film Mighty Fine, where he played her onscreen boyfriend), and her younger sister Margaret has already graced major runway shows across Europe for acclaimed designers such as Chanel, Valentino and Mango.

Fresh-faced and dedicated, Rainey is already making waves among fellow Angelenos both in the music world and on the big screen. She first made headlines when she was selected to be Miss Golden Globes 2012 (previous honorees include Rumer Willis and Kathryn Eastwood). Rainey recently made her on-screen debut in the film Mighty Fine, playing Chazz Palminteri’s daughter Maddie. Critics applauded the film for its powerful message and Rainey also received rave reviews for her honest, yet touching performance as the daughter of a man with uncontrollable rage issues.  Next up, Rainey has signed on to star alongside an A-list cast – her mother Andie, Christina Ricci, Susan Sarandon and Sharon Stone in the upcoming film Mother’s Day.

In addition to acting, Rainey is also a trained singer and songwriter. Her song ‘Peach In My Pocket’ was featured on the soundtrack of Sundance Winner “to.get.her’ by filmmaker Erica Dunton, while another one of her songs, ‘Silver Lining,’ was included on the soundtrack of Mighty Fine.  She is currently working on her upcoming EP release.

When she isn’t on set or up on stage, Rainey’s other passions include rescuing animals (she saved a litter of kittens in New Orleans, keeping several of them while finding good homes for the rest), she likes to make her own jewelry and continues to immerse herself in the world of music and acting. Rainey can be found on Twitter, where she loves to engage with friends and fans. You can also check out her official site for updates, performances and other exciting happenings.

Want Rainey’s take on life in LA? Here’s what she had to say about some of her favorite things:

Relationship Status: I live with my wonderful boyfriend.

How long have you lived in LA? About 6 months.  I’m kind of a newbie!

What is your favorite memory of LA?  My boyfriend Richard surprised me on my birthday and brought me to Disney Land, so that was pretty sweet.

What is your favorite breakfast/brunch spot?  I’m usually not a breakfast person, but I love fresh veggie juice, so I walk to Main Squeeze in Santa Monica a lot.  For brunch, I like to go to 3 Square Cafe in Venice!

What is your favorite restaurant of all time?  Pop Up Restaurant Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing on Abbot Kinney (by the chefs of Axe & Joe’s).

How about for- Sushi: We got take-out from Oyako on Main Street in Santa Monica our first night in our new apartment, so that place is kind of special to me.  Plus, it’s really good! Italian: Ado in Venice.  So romantic!  Mexican: Lula Cocina is the only place I’ve had Mexican so far. Steak: I’m a vegetarian.

Where do you like to let loose?  I like to hang out in the basement of The Victorian.  And James Beach is fun.

Where do you like to free your mind?  At the beach!  Or at the gym.  I’ve also been to Exhale with my mom for yoga a few times since I’ve lived here, which is great.  And I’m still trying to find a place to take dance that isn’t too far away!

What are your favorite LA stores?  I love Planet Blue, Free People, LF.  I’d say I get 97% of all my clothes from those 3 stores.

What is LA’s best hidden gem?  My mother’s rooftop!  She has an amazing view and it’s always sunny and quiet up there. The perfect place to get away from the rest of the world when I need a moment to myself.

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