Azealia Banks Takes The Hip Hop World By Storm

Azealia Banks doesn’t mince her words.

Formerly known as Miss Bank$,  the 21-year-old rapper and singer has got quite a lot to say and she’s not afraid to say it (as vulgarly as possible). She released her material through mixtapes and the power of YouTube, delivering among the many powerful tracks a sultry cover of Interpol’s “Slow Hands.” The artist has recently gained more notoriety through her track “212,” a feisty, unafraid song pretty much about how badass she is and just how much she’s going to take over. It’s a gutsy track with a simple but effective music video that makes at least two things clear: she can rock a Mickey Mouse sweater and she’s not messing around.

An explosion introduction to the music world under her new name, the track is danceable and anthemic with unrelenting sounds from DJ Lazy Jay. Banks recently released her EP ‘1991’ in which the lines get snarkier and the beats get more and more complex. She’s absolutely a force to be reckoned with for her fast-tempo raps (it almost sounds like she doesn’t take a breath!) that don’t let up and an alluring voice that perfectly complements the song at every turn. Not to mention her unmistakable sense of style which has recently turned into a love for all things mermaid-related. With that mind, she’s bringing her “Mermaid Ball” to a few lucky venues during her tour. Tickets are now on sale for you to see her in action at the Fonda Theatre on Saturday, July 14th.

To get a taste of just what you might get into at the show, watch her most watched video “212” below  – be warned though, she’s got quite the potty-mouth. Not that we’re complaining!

  • Diamornte

    Love that she is bringing back 90s dance beats in a new way with her Grace Jones-esque delivery in the 212 hook