LA X LA: Tyler Shields, Photographer

Tyler Shields is a genius first, and a photographer second. Though he might not ascribe himself that way. He’s the voice of our generation, an artistic mover & shaker that made his mark by banking on the mystique that is celebrity and the power that is the internet. And, the results have made him the most popular photographer of our time. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, Tyler has not only made Los Angeles his home, but his inspirational playground.

Perhaps, best known for his controversial, celebrity-heavy images, such as his shoot of controversial starlet Lindsay Lohan as a blood-saturated vampire or of the OC’s sweetheart Mischa Barton fondling raw meat, Shields has mastered the art of getting attention in a very big way. Tyler’s notable subjects have also included Emma Roberts, Brittany Snow, Demi Lovato, Lydie Hearst, Hayden Panettiere, Jamie King, and many more. His images are somehow consistently & simultaneously provocative and beautiful. And, it doesn’t hurt that his creative concepts and editing skills are prodigious.

Tyler has also dabbled in making music videos (this one for Ben Gibbard’s Styrofoam is our favorite). He is currently working on his new book The Dirty Side of Glamour. In 2011, Tyler released his first novel entitled “Smartest Man” on Amazon. Find out more about Tyler Shields via his website. In the meantime, check out Tyler’s answers to Minx Society’s LA X LA (Los Angeles by Angelenos). If you’re wondering who the magical creature he is referring to is, it’s Clint Eastwood’s daughter Francesca Eastwood – sorry ladies!

Relationship Status: In love with magical creature from another world

How long have you lived in LA? 10 years

What is your favorite memory of LA? Yesterday

What is your favorite breakfast spot? 101 Coffeeshop

What is your favorite restaurant of all time? Château Marmont

How about for – Sushi: MiyakoItalian: Il Sole, Mexican: Baja FreshSteak: The grill in my front yard

Where do you like to let loose? I don’t go out to often as I am always shooting at night

Where do you like to free your mind? I have a trampoline in my house which gets pretty crazy

What are your favorite LA stores? The Army Navy Surplus on Santa Monica

What is LA’s best hidden gem? I love Los Angeles in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping and the streets are empty. You can walk down the middle of Hollywood Blvd. and not one person is on the road.

  • Johnhaig

    Great article!  I love  Tyler Shields!


  • give us more tyler

  • Martha Shields

    As always, great article! Tyler has a family tradition of being a night person and Francesca fits right in. They are amazing together. Perfect fit, just like Minx Society! He does make the best steaks!

  • Pickle


  • Thefactorygirl

    Fracesca is STUNNING

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