Smoke & Mirrors Returns Home

First Paul & Andre came to life as a pop-up spot via Paul Sevingy and Parisian club bigwig Andre Saraiva, adding some dark late night New York feelings to our shiny Hollywood nights. Then Paul & Andre morphed into Smoke & Mirrors, which found home at the Standard on Sunset while the old location changed names to Room 86. Then our favorite nights at 86 fizzled out and the mourning set in over the loss of those way-too-steep stairs covered in graffiti and the dark red banquet couches of the open-air smoking room. Not to mention the nonstop photo shoots that were egged on by couches, low lighting, and the occasional mannequin standing in the kitchen.

There was just something magic about that location in full swing, giving off the unique vibe of zero supervision and minimal pretention, while consistently bringing in an excellent hip crowd, fashion for days, and guaranteed good time. The joint was provocative in the best ways possible. And then, the most shocking and thrilling news…Smoke & Mirrors is moving back to Room 86/the original Paul & Andre. What??

It’s official, starting tonight Tuesday June 5th  2012. Tonight’s opening is brought to you by Kitsune and Flaunt in celebration of the America Compilation, hosted by Dan Regan, Adam Moonves, Josh S., Olivia Owen, and Sebastian Posso. Get your moves on 11PM-3AM to DJ sets by Is Tropical, Vanville, and Them Jeans.  Happy dance. See you there, Hollywood entrance. Get the flyer here.