New York Designer Brian Wood Takes LA

New York based designer Brian Wood is making a special trip to L.A. to debut a collection (not to mention celebrate the occasion) and we’ve got all the details.

The “L.A. Alumni” collection is a line of clothing candidly graced with the faces of significant people to have reigned from our wonderful city. His first Alumni collection was Brooklyn based and included clothing designs hosting the faces of people like Lil’ Kim, Larry David, Michael Jordan, and Notorious B.I.G. If there’s even a 1% power osmosis going on by adorning yourself with the mugs of such big timers, we’re in.

This time around Brian is calling on Los Angeles and utilizing West Coast connections to make the decisions. Dan Regan, owner of the Black Banditz tattoo shop on Melrose was integral in choosing who would make the “L.A. Alumni” cut, some more mainstream people as well as some underground choices. You know you’ve been waiting for a non-creepy way to keep Leonardo DiCaprio’s photo on your body since 1997. Don’t deny it.

The line will be available in casual wear: T-shirts, V-necks, crew-neck sweatshirts, tank tops, and zip front hoodies. The color scheme will be reflective of L.A. sports teams’ colors; recognizable with unexpected layout adjustments and high quality pieces. Not to mention those faces.

In addition to the normal line there are nine “Vintage Mash-ups” pieces. These are designs made from 80’s and 90’s vintage sports shirts reworked with pop culture graphics, hand painting, bleaching, and detailing pinned by hand.

The line will be shown and exclusively sold at the clothing boutique Colors, and since a party is in order it has deemed logical to hold the event at the store location. That’s happening this upcoming Saturday.

We’re hosting alongside Black Banditz who will be providing a pop-up tattoo spot at the party which is the perfect time for regulars to swing on in or for tattoo virgins to be granted the support of friends and the buoyancy afforded by an open bar. Open bar! Los Angeles artist Thurz will be hosting the event and guest DJ Justin Credible will be on site keeping the energy high.

Sound good L.A.? Brian Wood, Black Banditz, and Minx Society invite you to join us Saturday May 19th from 6-10 at Colors, 606 West Pico Blvd. Can’t wait!