LA X LA: Caroline on Crack

Photo Credit: Jennifer Low

Scouring this city to find the best happy hours on the cheap? She’s got you covered. How about the rundown for the newest, most notable mixologists in town? Look no further. Meet Caroline Pardilla, the LA in-the-know social butterfly behind the ridiculously popular lifestyle and events blog Caroline on Crack.

This chick is in love with this city just as much as we are and she’s made a career out of it, rambling daily about all fun things to do in LA and taking pictures of everything she eats & drinks. You may have heard her announce events on Carson Daly’s “AMP Mornings” radio show – or maybe you read her articles in BBC Travel where she’s head Los Angeles Writer. Caroline also won two of LA Weekly‘s Los Angeles Web Awards: “Best Blog Post of the Year” and Best Drinking Blog – and for good reason. Her libation-loving blog is updated on the regular, and she sifts through all the trendy, wannabe cool places to give you that real deal, kind of insider knowledge that’s so rare.

Caroline loves classic cocktails under $10, free parking, & low-key but elegant lounges – if you love those things too, bookmark Caroline on Crack and follow her on Twitter. Here’s her insider-worthy take on our big, beautiful booze-filled city:

Relationship Status: Co-habitating makes it sounds so unromantic but it’s actually quite lovey-dovey.

How long have you lived in LA? [Looks at watch] About 20 years!

What are your favorite memories of LA? Running through all the different neighborhoods during the L.A. marathon, hitting up nine bars in one night for a blogger barhop, biking along the beach during the summer.

What is your favorite brunch spot in LA? Bloom Cafe for breakfast. The Alcove for a boozy weekend brunch since it’s right next door to one of my favorite bars, Big Bar.

What is your favorite restaurant of all time? At the moment, it’s Sunny Spot in Venice, awesome cocktails and food.

How about for –  Sushi: I’m not big on sushi.  Italian: Osteria Mozza, Il Covo Mexican: Gloria’s Cafe Steak: I don’t eat steak.

Where do you like to let loose?  The Varnish, Cana Rum Bar and The Neat Bar.

Where do you like to free your mind? Mt. Hollywood near the Observatory for a great view of the city. Fun to see L.A. from that perspective. All the things that seem like a big deal close-up, the traffic jams and such, seem like nothing up in the quiet of that hill top. But to truly get away from it all, I like Sandstone Peak.

What are your favorite LA stores? Vanity Room in Culver City, The Way We Wore.
What is LA’s best hidden gem? Bar Food in Brentwood for whiskey. Not many people know that this unassuming bar houses one of the best whiskey collections in L.A.
  • Bess

    I love this girl! Is there anything she doesn’t know about in LA?

  • Jennifer Schmennifer

    Loved her bits on Carson Daly’s show! Wish she did more of that.

  • Shelleyh

    I love how caroline always “keeps it real” on her blog. She’s not afraid to point out flaws – in a nice way of course :) She also has a nicely curated list of events that i like to check out when i have free time.

  • Diamornte

    Caroline On Crack is my favorite LA blogger by far! She definitely is not on crack.

  • Magneto

    Love to read about what’s fun with LA’s cocktail scene.

  • Aw, thanks for the love!