Unearthen: The Discovery of Enchanted Jewelry

Unearthen jewelry transcends the world of jewelry as you know it; rather it is composed of a line of magical amulets you can use for your own personal benefit.

Gia Bahm is the mastermind behind Unearthen and the one who created the simple, yet powerful construct the main line of her jewelry showcases: crystals encased in empty bullet shells. This is a commanding contradiction that creates a miniature powerhouse for you to wear around your neck and reap the benefits of these two opposing forces.

Bahm selects the crystals for each piece with care, paying close attention to the healing and nurturing properties of each gemstone. For example, some gems provide mental clarity, others give you inner focus, others provide protection and still others can help you interpret dreams. With such different characteristics, Bahm strongly encourages you to select your crystal with care, using your gut and instincts as your guide.

The remainder of the Unearthen jewelry lines features truly extraordinary items like prism rings. These rings consist of a semi-circle of metal, rather than a full circle as nearly every typical ring has. On either end of the semi-circle sits a prism-cut gemstone, one large and one small. Thus the ring rests around your finger like a cuff and gives you the powerful ability to create rainbows at will, as light passes through each prism.

Other noteworthy pieces are her vial necklaces, designed by Bahm and Alexandra Cassaniti.  They consist of glass vials filled with a variety of earth-based materials to create a powerful amulet. According to Bahm, the vials were a reaction to crop circles, archaic architecture and stargazing. You can purchase a glass vial that is filled with drops from the Pacific Ocean, or one which is filled with crude oil or another filled with sand.

Unearthen jewelry has a distinct voice, one which is almost otherworldly.  Each piece gives you more than just an accessory; it gives you something absolutely enchanting.