LA X LA: Shea Marie, Fashion Blogger

Meet Shea Marie, Los Angeles’ very own fashion authority. To put it simply, Shea is the main attraction & driving force behind Cheyenne Meets Chanel – a fashion blog that captures Shea’s enviable style which harmoniously balances the earthy & edgy. With thousands of fans following her every move around this city, Shea has managed to “turn-heads” globally by effortlessly embodying the essence of California cool. And, the fact that she’s drop dead gorgeous is no detriment to her ever-growing fan base.

Striking Shea Marie, once a self-ascribed small-town country girl, moved to the glamorous City of Angeles just four years ago. The juxtaposition of lifestyles and inspirations from the two very different geographical locations matched with her natural eye for fashion has resulted in Shea’s inimitable style.  And, luckily, for all us fashionistas – Shea showcases her own personal flair for the masses almost daily (right down to letting fans take a peek into her boho-chic home!). Shea also rewards her readers with amazing free gifts, like this current Erin Wasson x Low Luv eagle cuff giveaway. Recently, Shea was featured in an ad campaign for Forever 21 right in the middle of NYC’s bustling Times Square!

Peep Cheyenne Meets Chanel for inspirational fashion heaven, and stay updated by following Shea Marie on Twitter & liking her on Facebook! Here’s Los Angeles’ best by Shea Marie:

Relationship Status: Forever single. Too picky…

How long have you lived in LA? 4 years. Came to pursue my dream of course.

What is your favorite memory of LA? Probably the best 4th of Julys on the beach I can ever imagine.

What is your favorite breakfast spot? Earth Bar. I’m so into fresh pressed juices and smoothies. For brunch- Little Next Door.

What is your favorite restaurant of all time? Gjelina in Venice! Amazing.

How about for – Sushi: Sugarfish Italian: Il Pastaio Mexican: Loteria at the Farmers Market. Steak: I don’t eat red meat.

Where do you like to let loose? I tend to walk to the bars around my house on Melrose – Village Idiot, Dark Room, etc. Also love having drinks with friends at Soho House and Bar Marmont. For clubs… The Beverly.

Where do you like to free your mind? The beach, or a drive down PCH from Santa Monica to Malibu.

What are your favorite LA stores? Opening Ceremony, Library on Larchmont, Curve, Intermix, Live on Sunset. Oh and of course Barney’s and the Helmut Lang store.

What is LA’s best hidden gem? I don’t know if you would consider it hidden, but I love the Melrose Flea Market on Sundays.