Terry Richardson’s Trashy Lindsay Lohan Shoot

Lindsay Lohan’s on the attention train once again and what better way than to ride it with a photo shoot by Terry Richardson, himself. Here Lindsay is posing in a suite at Chateau Marmont with her sagging cleev & cigs – totally classy. It’s not like these are any racier than her Playboy photo shoot or her blood-bath photo shoot by Tyler Shields, but these pics are sparking all kinds of buzz. Bravo Linds!

  • Hilary

    oh lilo!

  • Indiechick2


  • Laurelty4

    She looks trashed

  • Judeeclare

    omg these photos suck.  nobody hire this photographer

  • She looks drunk.

  • SFPhoto

    The leeches are obviously killing Lindsay, and who is Terry Richardson and why is he famous? It’s certainly not for his photography.

  • Ginga

    She reminds me of Courtney Love-TRASH

  • Julie

    She doesn’t even look good

  • Mcmanson

    Look at the rt bottom of the 5th pic. There’s blow on the table! She looks like she has either been sweating on a dance floor, or got her brain (using the term brain loosely) F’ed out by someone from behind that doesn’t know its her. If every body in the Fok Lindsey line knew who it was, there would be no line and alot of people in line at a Dr. office!