Another Boy/Girl Indie Duo? Big Deal!

If you’re one of the few who heard Big Deal’s debut 7″, Homework, you know why we Minxes are excited about this up-and-coming duo. With Homework, KC Underwood and Alice Costelloe brought out the best of boy/girl indie folk: heartfelt songs of longing and loss backed by interlocking acoustic guitar work. Listen to some of their other demos on their myspace, and you get a ’90s lo-fi vibe somewhere between Mazzy Star and Galaxie 500 with vocals as ethereal as The xx.

We were pretty sure that Homework wouldn’t be the last we’d hear of this illustrious pair. Sure enough, Big Deal recently signed to Mute Records. Underwood and Costelloe’s bittersweet ballads should be right at home at Mute, which has worked with such somber troubadours as Nick Cave and Alison Goldfrapp.

Big Deal’s debut full-length was released yesterday and we’re loving the single “Talk”, which takes the same minimalist approach as “Homework,” overlaying distorted guitars with clean ones for an effect not unlike The Jesus & Mary Chain’s Darklands, or Opal’s early work. The repetition of a simple dilemma that we can all relate to (“All I wanna do is talk, but seeing you fucks me up”) gains more urgency and intensity as the song progresses, before the song ends as unresolved as its narrators’ problems.

No less appealing is the b-side, “Locked Up,” which really brings the band’s lo-fi influences to the fore. In this cut, Costelloe and Underwood become Georgia Hubley and Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo, whisper-singing sad intimations to each other. The guitars are much heavier in this one, adding further texture to the skeleton of a song structure that Big Deal like to work with.

Big Deal’s debut album Lights Out is available for purchase at Amazon and on iTUNES. We’re stoked to catch them live @ the Echo Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 7:00pm! Get tickets here. Follow Big Deal on Twitter & like their Facebook page.

  • David

    Are you sure of that date?  The Echo says Big Deal at there TUESDAY MARCH 20, 2012