Blogs We Love: Bleach Black

Do you remember those girls across the street that your mother said you couldn’t play with? Something about them being too wild? Well, they’ve started a blog. It’s called Bleach Black.

Bleach Black is edgy meets urban meets parties in abandoned buildings, first dates in airplane graveyards and fashion trends that could make your heart stop (in a good way). Created and run by Kristin Reiter and Valerie Killeen (pictured), their blog showcases anything from “iconic style muses” to “rarefied hot shit that the girls adore.”

Labeled more as a conversational diary than a blog, Bleach Black is more than just your cookie cutter fashion website, rather, it’s more like a conceptual tornado which churns ideas, images, meditations on the afterlife, and must-have accessories.

Reiter and Killeen have the souls of unaffordable celebrity stylists and the brains of stellar shrinks with year-long waiting lists. Peppered in between images that will soon be iconic of a decade and a generation, are brief viddies of stuffed animals keyboarding (yep), cartoon ponies rapping and some of the best studded boots and jewelry you’ve seen in your life.

The images conspire and collaborate, inciting you to find some blue suede and/or make your own headband, crash a party, host a brunch on a sailboat, buy a panama hat and some red pajamas. It truly is fashion, and life, at its finest, wild and all-embracing and staunch support of self-expression. Bookmark Black Black & follow Kristin & Valerie on Twitter!