Minx of the Moment: Zooey Deschanel

She’s hip, she’s quirky, she’s no slave to Hollywood and damn, those blue eyes and that those bangs. In case you’re not caught up to speed, everything Zooey Deschanel touches turns to gold. From her adorable presence in Yes Man, to her indie-cred-boosting appeal in 500 Days of Summer, and her wildly popular indie duo band She & Him, she’s long established that she’s got the goods and you better treat her right.

Fox’s The New Girl has been met with unwaveringly positive reviews and offers (ahem, male viewers) a tantalizing concept. Zooey Deschanel stars as Jess, who moves in with three single men played by Jake M. Johnson (Nick), Lamorne Morris (Winston) and Max Greenfield (Schmidt). The boys of the show do more than hold their own against Deschanel; they help to create a humorous, family-esque environment, playing off Deschanel’s humor with solid deliveries and strong timing.

There is the plot point from the pilot that was a little hard to believe—namely that Zooey’s fiancé cheated on her (so he could return to his crack pipe in Guadalajara? What planet was he from?)

Zooey Deschanel has superior comic timing, delivering certain lines that will make you spray whatever beverage you’re drinking across the room. While a lot of pilots take some time to get going, Deschanel displays a strong and fundamental understanding of the character.

The real reason you need to make The New Girl a must watch is to witness the amazing way that Deschanel as Jess will “dork out” at certain punch lines with indescribable sounds effects and contortions of her face that will make you think, “Oh she is so adorable,” instead of, “What’s… wrong with her?” Catch Zooey’s new hit show Tuesday’s at 9 on Fox!

  • Deanna Simon

    I <3 Zooey

  • Valerie Stammet

    Love this show!  Thanks Minx for getting the show out there!  Zooey is such an awesome actress.