Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio Split: Theories Why

All I ask is that no one act surprised at the termination of Lively and Leo’s relationship. If anything, we should act surprised that it lasted so long, a total of five months. It would be nice if their reps didn’t assert that they “remain friends” as it sounds so empty and meaningless, and even makes one wonder if things are exactly the opposite.

Here’s my take: it was never going to last. And that’s not jealousy talking (well, not completely). Here’s why.

  • Any relationship between two major celebrities is going to have a thousand times more stress and complications than any relationship you or I might have, my dear reader. These people are up against the media, the ninja paparazzi, fighting for plum roles and trying to make time for each other amidst hectic schedules. Tensions will mount and things will start to grate in those circumstances. Add a dash of competitive spice to it and you have a relationship that looks more like a minefield.
  • A house built on sand is doomed to collapse, no matter how ornate, lovely or expensive the sand. I’m under the impression that Blake and Leo were having a great deal of yacht parties on the Riviera, romantic walks through Venice and other such schmaltzy activities. Sounds nice, but even two A-listers will have to rejoin the real world at some point. You simply can’t base a relationship around vacation time.
  • Leo has a very public history of dating models. Who can forget the three years or so he spent dating Gisele Bundchen, aka, the best-looking woman on the planet? And then after her, he sunk his teeth into Bar Refaeli, equally hot. No matter how secure Blake is with herself, that’s got to be a little daunting. Plus, no one knows if their break up has anything to do with Leo’s uncontrollable model-fetish.

All in all, when either of them starts looking for a long-term relationship, they’d be better off to stick with people like you and I, reader.