Top 5 Sexiest Bars in Los Angeles: Get Back At Your Lover + Find A New One While You’re At It!

It’s 8 PM and your loser lover (who you just can’t seem to shake) has stood you up. It doesn’t matter who you are (straight, gay, male, female, a 7, 8, 9, or 10), every one of us has had that bad night where our egos need a little boost. And what better way then to have a night on the town? This may seem like an easy feat, but how often do you find yourself waiting in line for a shitty (hyped up) club with even shittier (wannabe) people? You know: that overwhelming solitude whilst surrounded by a crowd of trashy drunks who aren’t good looking or interesting in the slightest. The intolerable music pumped, the air conditioning inoperative, and the only viable solution: take one too many tequila shots to bring you to the point of no return.

This is why we have decided to give you the top 5 sexy bars (always a hit, never a miss) in Los Angeles to not only meet new, worthwhile people, but to end the night feeling just a little bit better about yourself.

Remember, happiness is the greatest revenge.

1) Bar Marmont

Ah…Chateau Marmont, what a magical place. Saunter past the velveted curtains of Bar Marmont (at the base of the hotel) and find yourself in a world of sexy. The bar itself is bathed in a glowy red light, the tables illumined by gleaming white lamps. Who knows, you might even feel like getting lucky (with Robert Pattinson?) in the bathroom, we’ve heard it’s the perfect setting…or if you’re not adventurous enough for some major P.D.A., you can always go upstairs and get a room!

Bar Marmont – 8221 W Sunset Blvd – Los Angeles, CA 90046

2) Roger Room

Don’t be fooled by Roger Room’s easily overlooked stark black exterior. Enter into a circus-themed world reminiscent of a speakeasy. On any given night, the place will be pleasantly filled with attractive potentials grooving to 60s soul. Grab a seat in one of the plush booths and treat yourself to one of their famous absinthe concoctions (we suggest Death in the Afternoon).

Roger Room – 370 N. La Cienega Boulevard – Los Angeles, CA 90048

3) 4100 Bar

4100 Bar in Silver Lake is very dark and very sexy which can certainly lead to you searching for cab fare. The crowd is low key and hip, and the indie music blasts from the jukebox. The space isn’t ideal for dancing, but if you need a spot to get that final drink of the night, or cuddle up with a date, this is a sure bet. Private corners are easy to find and cozy up in, thanks to plentiful seating and lavish leather couches.

4100 Bar – 1087 Manzanita Street Los Angeles, CA 90029-3011 – (323) 666-4460

4) The Tropicana Bar

Surrounded by soaring palm trees and private bungalows, The Tropicana Bar, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s Mid-Century pool bar oasis embodies LA cool. Once inside (or shall we say outside), you will find yourself amidst stunning people with not a care in the world. Because there is plenty of space and a twinkling night sky overhead, you can actually have a conversation with someone. Don’t believe the hype about the snootiness of this place, because at the Tropicana Bar, anything goes. Get your drink of choice and chill out on one of the lounge chairs. Join us next Tuesday for Night Swim!

7000 Hollywood Boulevard – Inside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel – Hollywood, CA 90028

5) Wood + Vine

A self-proclaimed timeless Hollywood public house, the spacious retro-meets-modern venue is swathed in sultry lighting; once you step inside we promise a vibe that will have you feeling sexy. With two levels and an expansive patio, Wood & Vine can suit any night. If you’re with a group or single and ready to mingle, take a spot by the long wooden bar or grab a nearby lounge table on the first floor.  Get cozy upstairs in one of the comfy leather loveseats (this is place where you can actually make conversation & not have to yell). Perhaps, our most favorite part about Wood + Vine is their HUGE patio complete with a fire pit (we can’t even tell you how excited we are to spend summer nights here!).

Wood + Vine – 6280 Hollywood Boulevard at Vine Street – INFO@WOODANDVINE.COM – (323) 334-3360