“Thirty Five”: Photography of Noah Jashinski Kicks Off Tonight

Tonight at Stories Books & Cafe in Echo Park, photographer Noah Jashinski makes his debut in the LA art scene with a solo show, “Thirty Five”.

The 29-year-old New Jersey native got bitten by the photo bug when his iPhone shots garnered mad praise by friends & East Side creatives. His first pictures had a nuance & gesture that drew viewers into an undefined but compelling story. It was a great start…but Hipstamatic was not to be Jashinski’s last stop on the photography train…

“I started to realize that people were gravitating more to the emotion and the moment over the visual perfection of the photo. That is why i was so drawn to using real film. There is a warmth and depth to it that is unmatched in the digital world. Real film allows for happy accidents and double exposures. I decided if I couldn’t get it in real life, I didn’t want it in my pictures.”

All of the photos in “Thirty Five” were shot with what Jashinski calls “a toy camera” on 35mm film, and he swears by a “No Photoshop” policy. All of the lighting is incidental, as are the moments captured with his lens. Jashinski credits the potency of these moments to having trust & rapport with his subjects, who are “real people – no models”.

“I will often stop if I am not getting the right moment and have a conversation for a while. Share funny childhood stories. Listen to music. Share a cigarette; whatever it takes to get everyone in the same emotional space.”

Come feel the magnetic pull of “Thirty Five” – Opening reception 7-10pm Saturday May 14th. Fave hipster standards PBR, 2-Buck Chuck & Red Bull will be served. This show is part of the Echo Park Art Walk.

Stories Books & Cafe – 1716 W. Sunset Blvd. 90026 – 213.413.3733

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