Taylor Momsen Hits Rock Bottom

Yeah, we didn’t think it could any worse either. Though we were once fans of the former Gossip Girl star, we’re ready to say that Taylor Momsen has completely lost her marbles! Lat night, Taylor Momsen and Pretty Reckless took the stage at Hollywood’s Hard Rock Cafe to play tracks from their upcoming album Light Me Up. Channeling Rapunzel meets Metallica? Not a good look, babe.

In response to whether she will ever return to the set of Gossip Girl as Jenny, Taylor told MTV, “We don’t even know if we’re picked up for the next season,” she continued. “So don’t plan on seeing Jenny anytime soon, but in the future who knows?”

She couldn’t reiterate enough that her focus is solely on her music with the possibility of a “Gossip Girl” cameo here and there, but Taylor added, “As far as acting outside of that, I want to play music,” she said. “I want to play in a band and tour and make records for the rest of my life. It’s all I ever wanted to do. Hopefully I can only do that in the future and do it until I’m dead. Who knows what the future will actually hold…who knows? It’s certainly not my focus.”

Not sure that anyone in the biz would even hire her after hearing about how she lit her dog’s neutered testicles on fire, anyway.

  • EtaliaGold

    wow..what happened to her??

  • Kendra Elisabeth Muecke

    Lil J did end up cool though