Rent The Runway: Get Styled For Your Next Event

The always amazing, Minx Society favorite, Rent The Runway is still impressing us with their ever-growing inventory of fabulous designer dresses and accessories for RENT. And, as usual, we can’t telll you enough how important it is that you take advantage of this unique opportunity; as much as you tell yourself with every big dress purchase that you make, you’re going to wear it over and over again, you’re not! We all know that feeling! You see the dress of your dreams and pricey is an understatement, yet you convince yourself that you absolutely need it. You sweat, and stress, and resort to buying it, wear it to the event, and it goes to the back of your closet. Stop this insanity!

Our Rent The Runway picks of the season, pictured above from left to right, include: Halston Heritage Grey Starfish Dress (rental $50, retail $325),  Sachin & Babi Name That Dress (rental $125, retail $660), Haute Hippie Dirty Martini Dress (rental $100, retail $700), Pencey Dance To The Beat Dress (rental $50, retail $334), and the  Helmut Lang Graphite Dress (rental $75, retail $500).

Remember, you must be a member to join (and it’s free), you don’t have to worry about ruining the dress because they cover it, they’ll send you additional sizes just in case, when you rent one, you can get a second one for $25, and you can extend the rental period of 4 days to 8. How can you not rent the runway?

  • Lindsey Lassen

    i love rent the runway, perfect for prom!!