April 1st, 2011 – Movies to Catch This Weekend


It would be easy to say that Rainn Wilson belongs on TV: after all, his work on “The Office” is considerably more worthwhile than his recent film credits, which include “The Rocker” and the “Transformers” sequel. But things should turn around for Wilson with indie comedy “Super.”

The irreverent James Gunn directed “Super”, which follows the story of Frank (Rainn Wilson) as his wife (Liv Tyler) leaves him for another man (Kevin Bacon). Outraged at the injustice, he becomes a vigilante superhero called “The Crimson Bolt” and, armed with his trusty wrench and catchphrase (“Shut up, crime!”) he goes out and starts cracking skulls. Indie darling Ellen Page joins in as his young sidekick.

Super, 96 mins., unrated


Horror flick “Insidious” has a team with two very different horror successes behind them: the makers of this new haunted house story are the same people that brought you “Saw” and “Paranormal Activity”. “Insidious” is much closer to “Paranormal Activity” than “Saw” in terms of tone and level of gore. It presents its scares through old-fashioned suspense instead of hyper-violence, a trend that seems to sit well with audiences.

Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne star as a couple that moves into a new house only to find an evil presence there. It sounds cliché, and it would be a lie to say it hasn’t been done before, but “Insidious” still finds ways to be truly scary despite a familiar story.

Insidious, 102 mins., rated PG-13